Best holiday food app that you have to have!

November 6, 2017

One of the best things when going on holiday is experiencing the different food, drinks and entertainment. 


However often the best places to go are hidden away in amongst the streets or in a place you would never think to find food. You can do all the research in the world but when you are in the moment, absolutely starving , the chances of you taking a 5km walk out of your way to find the restaurant that you saw on Goolge is highly unlikely.


So the question is, now how do I find a good restaurant in an area that I have no idea where I am? The answer is simple. The food app Zomato comes to the rescue! 



Zomato is an app that has been created to detect your location and then restaurants that are close to you. All the restaurants have a star rating out of 5, they most often contain the menus of the restaurant and gives you an approximate costing for 2 people and gives you directions!


This app is the go to app when traveling, it shows local restaurants, pictures of the restaurants and pictures of the food. You can also leave your own reviews, ratings and upload your own pictures of the food to help other travelers find amazing spots or spots to avoid when traveling.


When I was recently in Bali, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, Zomato led me to the most amazing restaurants that I would have not found without its help. I had the most amazing local food and drink and have become an avid Zomato user even in my own hometown. 






Food has become such a huge culture in itself over the past years and when traveling to amazing destinations, good food just enhances the experience.


Make sure to download this app before your next trip!


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