Guide to getting a good sleep on an airplane!

November 6, 2017


The long time challenge of where to book your seat on an airplane is something everyone struggles with. 


Do you book the isle seat to make sure you can get to the bathroom?

Do you book the window seat so that you can lean on the window?

And of course, never book the middle seat, surely?


Here are some nifty tips and tricks that might help you get a good nights sleep on the plane on that long flight.


Tip 1: If luck goes your way.


Before you book your seats ask the flight desk or check to see on the online check in, if the flight is fully booked when you check in your luggage- this often will give you an indication of where is best to book your seats.


For instance if the flight is not full then book a middle seat. If you book a middle seat then people who are flying together, which is more often than not, will not want to be seated apart and with someone in between them- this, on a flight that is not full will leave you with three seats to yourself to lie down and have a lovely sleep.


Tip 2: Window or Isle?



This is up to the kind of person you are, the isle seat has so many benefits as when the flight attendants turn off the lights you can stick your legs out into the isle a bit and get a more comfortable position. If you are one of those people who needs the bathroom a lot then please do choose the isle seat as then you can come and go as you please without waking everyone up by trying to get in and out.


Perhaps you are a person who struggles to sit still? Then I recommend that you take the isle seat as it allows you more space to move around and get up for a walk when you feel the need to.


The window seat is perfect for the person who turns on the TV and basically does not move the whole time, the quite person who lies against the window and sleeps for most of the trip and finally it is perfect for the kind of person who does not need the bathroom every 20 minutes.


Tip 3: The quietest spot in the plane


If it is a quite flight you are looking for then make sure to not book seats that are close to the bathrooms, the sound of the flush is enough to startle anyone of of the deepest of sleeps and the constant movement of people around you to get the the bathroom and those bathroom line chats might just drive you crazy.


Many people also make the mistake of booking those spacious leg room seats by the emergency exit- it sounds amazing but remember these seats are more likely than not going to include parents with little toddlers and babies. 


This can lead to a lack of sleep for you as little ones struggle with the pressure on their ears, the comfort of being in a plane and this leads to a crying baby and a frustrated parent with lack of sleep (who might get a bit teary along with the baby) .


The quietest place in fact is  in front of the wings  but not too close to the bathrooms. This is the quietest spot as you are away from the bathrooms and away from the roaring engines!

 Just some things to think about before you head out on an airplane again!


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