The ins and outs of Ski-In-Ski-Out!

March 1, 2019

Have you ever been skiing where your accommodation is situated right at the bus stop! Wow, sounds wonderful. Well it can be great but lugging skis on and off a bus, with kids, helmets, clothing, back packs, cameras and with awkward ski boots, can all be a bit much!  It would be a lot easier to just ski right from your front door onto the slope and away you go!

So what is this term? Can you really ski into your accommodation?

Well actually you can in many cases but there are circumstances where this may be just a term for a good sale!

Imagine if you are in a beautiful valley and the mountains are all around you, you ski down the mountain into your front door. What a pleasure! No buses, no walking in hefty ski boots.  The next morning you eagerly put on your ski equipment but where to now? You are at the bottom of the valley so how can you ski uphill? How can this be ski out?
Well then, I guess, that the accommodation has to be up the slope somewhere in order to ski INTO it and then OUT, down the mountain the next day.


Yup – the true ski-in-ski-out hotels, condos, apartments are actually ON the slope, or just on the side of it – Could also be called “Slope side”, but this has a story of it’s own as I mention later on, or Ski to Door…

So when you can ski into a place it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can always ski out of it. You may have to “ski” walk to the ski lift which may be close by and then be whisked up the mountain.

Usually though, if you can ski OUT of the accommodation you have chosen, you can usually ski back INTO it as you would be skiing out onto a slope of some sort!

So you're in a hotel on the 5th floor that says ski-in-ski-out….what does this mean for me? Just about every hotel, apartment block, B&B, house etc. has a ski room or at least a garage where you can keep your ski equipment. You would proceed to the ski room or locker, put on your ski boots, collect your skies and poles, and head outside to clip on your skis. Off you go… On your return you would ski back to the ski room door, take off your skis, walk inside and put your boots etc. into your locker and make your way to your room.  

An example of a real ski-in-ski-out experience - something like a condo on the slope where you can literally ski right up to your own condo’s front door. 

Why would you choose a ski-in-ski-out resort or accommodation?

Well if the above doesn’t sound convenient then I don’t know what does…for me there is no option when even thinking of walking around in ski boots. Unless your ski boots are extremely comfortable and made for you and cost a bomb, then this is the most comfortable way to go.

Then, if the hotel or apartment is on the slope, the next thing to look out for is what to do after skiing. Is the hotel near to restaurants and shops and après ski activities? Some hotels up the slopes are not in town so it could cost you to get a taxi to the village for the evening.
Purpose build ski resorts, such as Val Thorens in France, can be completely whole villages built up the side of the mountain providing a ski-in-ski-out facility for skiers and walking access to the shops, pubs etc.

But what if you don’t know how to ski? How are you going to get out of your hotel if you can’t ski? Something to consider but most ski resorts do have shuttle buses included in a ski pass that transport you to the ski schools and the village. They tend to go around every few minutes, so it isn’t always that difficult. 

So is it really worth getting a ski-in-ski-out place to stay? – Well that depends on you and your requirements and maybe budget. Here are a few things to consider:

It can sometimes be more expensive. Not always, but it can be.
If you want to return to your room during the day – it is just a ski away. You won’t have to ski down to the hotel, walk into town, go to the room, and then possibly all the way back to the slope for the afternoon ski.  This is so convenient for a quick bathroom break, lunch, or a quick rest.
You will minimise transport time with buses and waiting at bus stops. Oh, and pushing and shoving to get on the bus with the kids…
Your ski-in-ski-out place may be up the mountain away from town so check if your party is dead keen on pub dinners, clubs and disco’s into the night. Being up the slope could be a problem to get back to when the buses or lifts have stopped.

Slope side – is this the same? Not always. Be careful here as some places will mean that the hotel is actually slope side -similar to ski-in-ski-out but others may have a concierge facility or shuttle service that will collect you slope side and take you to the hotel or lift. 

Now that you are equipped with the extra knowledge you will know more of what to ask your ski expert for at Peak Adventures.

Now that you are equipped with the extra knowledge you will know more of what to ask your ski expert for at Peak Adventures

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